Commercial Electrical

When it comes to your business, you want superior service. That definitely extends to your company’s electrical needs. With Decatur Heat & Air, you receive exactly that—superior electrical service. Our certified and licensed electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any project you have, large or small.

And given our high level of experience in commercial settings, you can rely on our professionals to complete your job on time and on budget, all safely and efficiently. Since we added electrical to our long list of services, we have worked with Decatur, TX, area retail storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, schools, medical facilities, and new constructions, as well as many other types of commercial businesses. With all this under our belts, you can count on us to meet any commercial electrical needs you may have.

Electrical Upgrades

As a business owner, there are always hoops you have to jump through to keep your company up to date with all the requirements and regulations out there. Your electrical is one of the important hoops. When it comes time to upgrade your existing electrical or you are planning to remodel, whether you simply want more energy-efficient options or your electrical is no longer up to code, our professional electricians can assist you. From your electrical panel(s) to your light fixtures and larger systems, we will walk you through your choices to be sure your selection is the right one for you and your business.

Electrical Services and Repairs

When something electrical is in need of repair or maintenance, you cannot put it off. Electricity can be dangerous, and when something is not working correctly, it can be serious. No matter if it’s simple maintenance or a larger new-construction project, you need to call in our professionals to address the issue in an expedient manner. Downtime due to emergencies in a business costs you productivity, therefore, money. Call our electrical team any time you need us. We want to help you and your business.


The purpose of generators is to keep electrical items going when the main electrical source has failed. The generator will kick in automatically if your company experiences a power outage, even when no one is there. You can’t afford not to be up and running when you need to be, no matter what your company does. A generator is a game-changer in business. We install and service generators to help you keep running when you need it most.

New Construction

Any type of new-construction project requires a knowledgeable and experienced electrician from the very beginning of the project. There are so many nuances and details only an electrician with the training and background can know, in addition to the obvious huge-system decisions to be made and implemented. Sometimes these nuances and details are the difference between saving or spending vast amounts of money. Our expert electricians are ready to discuss your project, so call them today.

Emergency Electrical Services

An emergency by definition is unexpected. When you have an electrical emergency, you need immediate assistance. That is exactly why we offer 24/7 emergency service. Your entire business may be built around and rely upon electricity, and we know that. No matter what your emergency situation is, our electricians are prepared. They carry a wide variety of commercial parts with them, so there’s no waiting in most cases til the suppliers open in the morning to get your part. From malfunctioning electrical panels or outlets to medical equipment or restaurant coolers losing power, our experts will be there to handle it efficiently for you.

Be sure to ward off such emergencies by scheduling regular electrical inspections with us. If it’s been a while since your company has had its inspection or has never had one, call us today to schedule yours.

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