Hiring Bonus

$2,400* Referral Bonus Award Program

We are looking for HVAC Service Technicians and Lead/Experienced HVAC Installers that meet our strict hiring guidelines and are desirous of being part of a unique and special organization.

The right candidates are eager to work, eager to learn and their positive attitude brings up the rest of the team. They have a desire to always provide customers with a positive and memorable experience while building a relationship with the customer. They do the right thing and do it very well. As a team member, they are willing to help others with a smile and kind words. If this profile fits someone you know, we’d love to meet that person!

Decatur Heat & Air's Referral Bonus Award Program is a program that provides an incentive to employees (Purpose Partners), industry partners, and others who bring new talent to the company by referring persons who are subsequently selected and employed. It is our intent to attract, hire and train the best people in the industry and to have those people become a part of the Decatur Heat & Air family for the duration of their career.

Decatur Heat & Air's Referral Bonus Award Program offers payment of a monthly bonus award (referral fee) to the person who refers the new employee:

  1. *The individual who refers the new employee will receive a $100.00 per month referral fee for twenty-four months (24 months) provided that the new employee remains employed in good standing with Decatur Heat & Air. If the referrer is a current employee of Decatur Heat & Air's, they too must remain employed in good standing to be eligible for the monthly referral fee.
  2. The monthly referral fee will be paid monthly commencing after 90 days of employment. In the event the 90th day occurs in the middle of the month the referral fee will be prorated for that month.

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